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Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 877-WEBUCATE (877-932-8228)

Perl / CGI

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

In this Perl training course, students will learn to use Perl to create dynamic database-driven websites.

Class Goals
•Understand how CGI applications work
•Learn to use Perl’s module
•Learn to create dynamic forms with Perl
•Learn to use server-side includes
•Learn to manage database data with Perl
•Learn to maintain sessions and use cookies with Perl
•Under web security issues

King Training Resources

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: (800) 252-0652

Programming in PERL: Tk and CGI Extensions

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Major Topics•PERL/Tk ◦Overview of TCL/Tk
◦Purpose of the language
◦History of the development of TCL/Tk
◦Extensibility of TCL
◦The Tk Extension to TCL
◦Tk component widgets: buttons, labels, menus, frames
◦The pack function
◦Launching Tk Applications: Building the Tk extensions within Perl, writing and executing Tk-PERL scripts
◦Interfacing Tk Applications with PERL: Tk-extension widget templates, Using Tk-extension widgets within Perl, Buttons - push, radio, check, menu, Dialogs ?dialog box, text, message, Scrolls - scrollbar, list box, file browser, Help - balloon and status messages, Undocumented and composite widgets

•PERL/CGI ◦Overview of Web Communications
◦Interactions between Browser and Server Simple
◦Web page design in HTML
◦CGI Introduction with PERL Scripts
Interactions between Server and PERL scripts
◦Variables: user-defined, PERL built-ins, defined by the Web server
◦Forms and ... [Read More]

Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc.

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 1-800-413-0939

Perl Programming and CGI Scripting

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

This hands on Perl programming course provides a thorough introduction to the Perl programming language, teaching attendees how to develop and maintain portable scripts useful for system management, data manipulation, and Web CGI programming. Emphasis is placed on built-in subroutines that can be used to help conveniently build fast, portable and efficient scripts. Extensive hands on exercises provide practice in report creation, pattern matching, string manipulation, file I/O, command line processing, and debugging. Students are shown how to extend Perl’s basic functionality with packages and loadable modules. The final day encompasses CGI scripting with Perl as well as database access using the DBI module. Attendees are shown how to validate form data, how to perform robust database access, and how to generate HTML output in order to create a dynamic web site.

Students Will Learn:

Language Syntax
Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
Flow Cont... [Read More]

Wintrac Inc.

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 503-259-0312

CGI Programming using Perl (Certificate) (Diploma)

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

This course bridges the gap between using HTML to create static Web pages and using Perl CGI scripts to create dynamic Web pages. The course emphasizes using the Perl 5 CGI library routines to process HTML forms by providing extensive working examples and by students writing applications to illustrate the concepts presented. This course is not intended to be a substitute for a Perl programming course.

Beacon Training Services

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: (972) 404-0069

CGI Programming with PERL

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

This course teaches the student to write applications, which interact with browsers and Web Application servers on the World Wide Web. The course begins with an introduction to the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). The Perl is introduced with applications that process simple form-based Web pages. As the course continues, students are introduced to more advanced topics, such as cookies and Server Side Includes (SSI). Additional topics include security issues and graphics generation. Finally, techniques for creating simple search engines and using electronic mail are discussed.


Describe the interaction between WWW browsers and servers

Explain the workings of the HyperText Transfer Protocol

Discuss the use of the Common Gateway Interface in WWW applications

Create form-based CGI scripts in Perl using the Perl module

Write CGI scripts that incorporate Server Side Inc... [Read More]

Conestoga College Continuing Education

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: (519) 748-5220

HTML JavaScript CGI

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

This course is designed to teach the essential elements of Web computer programming. After the study of the HTML language starting with the very basics of tags, elements and attributes, you will learn the programming concepts that are universal regardless of the implementation language. You learn the programming environments and program elements such as control structures, arrays, numbers, strings, logical and comparison operators. The JavaScript language is used to illustrate and apply the concepts. This introduction also covers web server configuration, browser and server communication, HTTP headers, HTML forms processing and CGI.

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