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Continuing Education at Highline Community College

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: (206) 870-3785

Business Coaching (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Mentoring and coaching have come to be used more frequently in organizations to improve leadership competencies and provide employee support. It has benefits for the employer and employee. Develop skills in the development, implementation, and support of coaching and mentoring programs in your workplace. Critical analysis and improvement of your programs alongside group dynamics and innovative strategies will also be examined in terms of coaching and mentoring programs. Take home the much-awaited toolkit you have been searching for to improve your employees performance and create the working environment that your employees will find truly rewarding.

UW Professional & Continuing Education

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 888-469-6499

Coaching and Mentoring Adult Learners

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Introduces concepts and practices related to adult learning and the coaching and mentoring of individual teachers and groups of teachers. Students learn to comfortably use inquiry-based, respectful cycles for coaching and mentoring and to support the development of norms for productive peer observation and feedback, among other peer-oriented professional development activities.

Regis University

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 1.800.388.2366

Coaching for Change

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Studies human behavior analytically as well as how to address issues having to do with human performance in the workplace.

Portland Community College

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 1-866-922-1010

Coaching Great Performance Workshop

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Centers on how to effectively work with people in a helping relationship. Introduction to coaching and gaining hands-on experience being and working with a client. Coaching helps clients examine the way they do things as well as what they do. Build your coaching skills by focusing on five key principles of coaching: coaching listening, powerful inquiry, creating choice, balance and fulfillment.

Franklin University

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 1.877.341.6300


Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

This course is designed to introduce students to the use of coaching skills for improving the adjustment and performance of individuals in an organizational setting. Topics to be covered include: the scope of coaching practice, optimal practitioner characteristics, benefits for coaches, related organizational dynamics, and coaching interventions and resources. This course also includes an emphasis on experimental learning through coaching practice activities.

MindEdge, Inc.

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 781-250-1805


Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Coaching 101 focuses on the skills and techniques of positive coaching in an organizational setting, including active listening, observing and providing constructive feedback, reinforcing positive employee performance through recognition and praise, and teaching new skills.

After completing this course, you&,#146,ll be able to:

Explain how coaching employees is a vital part of managing in any organization
Distinguish between managerial coaching, executive coaching, and personal coaching
Identify the triggers for coaching and recognize characteristics of coachability
Describe the five-step coaching process
Explain the SMART technique of goal setting
Explain the use of the USED model in coaching
Discuss the monitoring and follow-up coaching process
Explain the differences between mentoring and coaching

This course is self-paced and online. You will have access to this course f... [Read More]


Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 603-324-3000

Business Coaching

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Coaching offers organizations a win-win method for developing their employees. It not only helps individuals reach their potential but also helps the organization improve its productivity and competitiveness. In a rapidly changing business world, coaching can also help employees adjust and adapt their skill sets. Coaching is about encouraging, confronting, challenging, questioning, as well as consistently respecting and supporting coachees in developing and achieving their goals. This course introduces the skills you need to be an effective coach, including listening and observing, providing feedback, questioning, and setting goals. It also covers how to identify which coaching role is most appropriate for a given individual or situation. The course also details the importance of selling the idea of coaching to those you feel need it. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

Target Audienc... [Read More]


Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 1-800-414-5756

Sport and Fitness Management (Master Degree)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

The Sport and Fitness Management program is designed to provide the graduate with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to engage in the practice of management in a variety of settings. The goals and objectives of the program are guided by, but are not limited to, the criteria and guidelines set forth in the Standards for an Accredited Educational Program by the North American Society for Sport Management.

Available concentrations: Coaching.


Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 1-866-326-7635, 1-607-330-3200

The Coaching Process for Engaging and Developing Others

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Leaders who have learned to develop a coaching mindset, studied coaching functions, and practiced the coaching dialogue in The Coaching Mindset, can continue their studies here by examining the coaching process. This course, developed by Samuel Bacharach, McKelvey-Grant Professor at Cornell University, and Yael Bacharach, MA, LCSW, teaches the essential steps of coaching. As in The Coaching Mindset, the authors realize that in the workplace not all coaching approaches are appropriate, and have developed a model process which is uniquely applicable for organizational settings.

The course walks through the process of goal setting in each of the four arenas of coaching; helps you to understand the framing, prioritization, and execution of goals for your subordinates; and addresses roadblocks that appear throughout the coaching process. After taking this course, leaders will understand everything from how to help their proteges with specific work and personal issues to how... [Read More]

The Coaching Mindset for Engaging and Developing Others

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Being a proactive coach is a fundamental component to being a good leader in the workplace. Coaching implies that leaders not only supervise, but develop the capacities and skills of all employees. A coaching mindset implies that leaders approach employees not simply as subordinates, but protégés, resources to be developed and expanded. Coaching is critical to good workplace leadership. In developing this course, Samuel Bacharach, McKelvey-Grant Professor at Cornell University, and Yael Bacharach, MA, LCSW, appreciate that not all styles of coaching are suitable for the workplace, and distill three decades of academic and business research into coaching best practices most appropriate for organizational leaders. The course emphasizes the importance of supplementing the traditional supervisory mindset with the coaching mindset.

The course draws upon a variety of examples to illustrate coaching in an organizational context, and details the four functions of coaching in a... [Read More]

Communicating and Coaching and Counseling for Improved Performance

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

This course covers the relationship between effective communication and coaching and counseling to employee relations. The course uses an interactive case study simulation to address many of the topics.

Participants will examine the ways communication occurs in an organization, communication styles, and techniques for gathering information. The second part of the course explores appropriate uses of coaching and counseling, and also addresses workplace violence, a related topic that must be addressed by HR professionals.

Florida State University

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 850-644-2525

Coaching (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

This certificate program prepares coaches at all levels from amateur to professional to hone their coaching competencies and skills. The courses in the program allow coaches to develop their abilities in the areas set by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). These areas include coaching philosophy and ethics, safety and injury prevention, growth and development, teaching and communication, sport skills and tactics, organization and administration, and evaluation of their program.

Career Opportunities

The Online Graduate Certificate in Coaching program is designed to provide online advanced coaching education to people coaching in:
Youth Leagues
Recreation Leagues
Amateur clubs
Collegiate (NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA)

Credit Union National Association

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: (202) 638-5777

Call Center Coaching (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Want to learn Call Center Coaching? Credit Union National Association has such training program available, or provided Call Center Coaching training courses in the past. It may also provide you a customized or flexible training solution according to your specific requirement. Please click on the training course title to find the contact information and discuss your study plan with Credit Union National Association's representative directly.

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