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Otis College of Art and Design

Campus/Training Center: Los Angeles
Phone No.: (310) 665-6800

Watercolor Painting

Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

An introduction to the techniques, styles, and materials, which are unique to watercolor painting.

This course focuses on layering of color to create contrast and texture in a two-dimensional composition. Also examines characteristics of transparent pigment, color mixing, basic brushstroke, and painting techniques. Covers different weights and textures of paper, as well as the tools needed to complete the job.

Course emphasizes the basic rules of good design. Projects are designed to expose students to various challenges specific to the medium.

Painting Workshop

Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

An intermediate/advanced class that works with still life, live model, reproduction and abstraction, emphasizing development of individual techniques and continuity of style.

Class paints in acrylic and/or oils on canvas, though other media and type of surface are acceptable. Appropriate paint surfaces, paint mixing and handling, and related tools of the trade are explored. Emphasis is on creativity, risk-taking and problem-solving.

Encasutic Painting Workshop

Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

This intermediate to advanced level course explores visual design and painting techniques - color, composition, form, and expression - through the use of encaustic paint. Students learn and refine fundamental painting skills (color mixing, composition, value, layering), gain new methods for mixing encaustic paint with various media (oil, acrylic, ink, charcoal, collage, photographs), and develop their own unique subject matter and imagery to create visually expressive work. Projects introduce traditional and non-traditional approaches to still life, landscape, figure, and abstract subjects. Students may explore both painterly and sculptural approaches using encaustic. Working from life, photographs, and imagination, students complete four projects over the 10-week course.

Life Drawing and Painting

Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

This course focuses on drawing and painting the human figure. Emphasis is placed on understanding and conceptualizing the body as form in space, while considering the figure as an element of composition. Using traditional drawing materials, volumetric drawing serves as the foundation for further study. Students explore painting techniques and concepts through the use of acrylic paint. Advice and direction is provided to those students preparing a portfolio for Otis or other college art programs. Includes a guest lecture by a counselor from Otis�Admissions Office who offers information on college requirements.

Acrylic Painting

Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

An introductory course focusing on acrylic painting techniques. In this course students explore use of brushstroke, grounds, mediums, palette knife, and varnishes for various effects including glazing, layering, dry brush, and impasto. Also covers color mixing and theory, optical blending, composition, value, and texture. Students experiment with techniques such as splatter, mixed media, and resist.

Drawing + Painting

Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

Students are introduced to the variety of materials and methods of drawing and painting, from traditional to conceptual visual thinking. Students learn that all visual communicators use drawing as a means of ideation or decision making. To develop the necessary skills, special emphasis is given to drawing as a fundamental means for thinking, looking, and making decisions, and as training in thinking through intense drawing exercises in thumbnails, sketching, roughs, and storyboards.

Los Angeles Southwest College

Campus/Training Center: Los Angeles
Phone No.: (323) 241-5225

Oil Painting

Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment

This is an introductory course in oil painting and covers the basic skills and techniques. Problems are presented which are important to the understanding of painting as a means of expressing formal concepts.

Los Angeles City College

Campus/Training Center: Los Angeles
Phone No.: 323.953.4000


Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

Enter the world of Decorative Painting/Faux Finish. Gain the confidence to transform walls, floors, countertops and �more into works of art. Learn easy water-based paint techniques: leather, wood graining, stencil, on frescoed walls, French strie, Verde Antigua marble, granite, Greek cooper, Malachite, rose quartz. You will also learn glazing, feathering, ragging and sponging. Hands-on practice will follow each technique demonstration. No experience necessary.


Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

Do you like to watercolor or have a passion for painting? Welcome to all who appreciate and enjoy this classic and contemporary art forum. This class will get you started in basic painting acrylic/oils and watercolors brush stroke techniques with emphasis on understanding/experiencing color composition, value and design impact. Also learn mixing colors, differing paint qualities, application, and use of brushes. All are welcome to join this colorful, relaxing and fun class!!!

UCLA Extension

Campus/Training Center: Los Angeles
Phone No.: (310) 825-9971, (818) 784-7006

Intermediate Painting: Oils

Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

This course provides an investigation into the many technical possibilities of working with oil paints, emphasizing the importance of creativity and personal expression. Students work from classroom setups and create their own setups at home. Painting techniques covered include blending, textural underpainting, glazing, and transparency. Instruction broadens the student’s vocabulary of techniques and materials and assists in developing the direction for expressive possibilities.

Chinese Brush Painting

Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment  V

In China, a flower is never merely a flower nor scenery merely a place; each has its legends, romantic stories, and symbolic spirituality. In this course, students explore the spontaneous style of Chinese brush painting through hands-on step-by-step instruction. The course follows the Hsieh-I (Depicting-Idea) style developed by the traditional painters of the 11th century and specifically focuses on the Po-mo (Throw-ink) method: In order for a painting to show the vitality of nature, it must be executed in a lively way; hence, the movement of the brush is completed in a simple, dynamic, and powerful manner, as if the artist is throwing color and ink on the rice paper. Subjects include floral, landscape, and animal. Specific subjects covered vary each quarter. Topics include detailed instructions on appropriate use of rice paper, brushes, colors, and ink.

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