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Los Angeles Trade Technical College

Campus/Training Center: Los Angeles
Phone No.: (213) 763-7000


Course Format: Public Course/Instructor-Led/Open Enrollment

This course is a survey of the various types of robots presently being used in industry. Topics covered include principal types of robots, robotic programming, and interfacing. Main physical components, practical uses and applications are explored.

Business Industrial Network

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 1-573-547-5630

SCADA and PLC systems Workshop (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

This control systems technology course is designed to benefit you with practical up-to-date information on the application of PLC systems to the automation and process control industries. It is suitable for people who have little or no exposure to PLCs (programmable control systems), but expect to become involved in some or all aspects of PLC installation. It aims to give practical advice from experts in the field, to assist you to correctly plan, program and install a PLC with a shorter learning curve and more confidence.

SCADA has traditionally meant a window into the process of a plant and / or a method of gathering of data from devices in the field. Today, the focus is on integrating this process data into the actual business, and using it in real time. In addition to this, today&,#146,s emphasis is on using Open Standards, such as communication protocols (eg IEC 60870, DNP3 and TCP/IP) and &,#146,off-the-shelf&,#146, hardware and softwa... [Read More]

Mitchell Technical Institute

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 800.684.1969


Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Programmable logic control systems for the control of electrical components and equipment. Projects using solid state devices in commercial and industrial applications are completed.

Cleveland Institute of Electronics

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: (800) 243-6446

Industrial Electronics with PLC Technology (Diploma)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

CIE’s Industrial Electronics with PLC Technology course was revised to include lessons on Programmable Logic Controllers, Servo Motors, Servomechanisms, PLC programming and PLC troubleshooting.

This distance learning course provides a thorough understanding of industrial electronics and essential troubleshooting techniques necessary to maintain, repair and program a wide array of industrial electronic equipment including robotics, servos and programmable logic controllers.

In addition, students graduate with the ability to read and understand many different types of schematics and operational manuals.

What is a PLC?
A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a computer-based device capable of controlling many types of industrial equipment and entire automated systems.

The advent of low cost computers has made the PLC the most common choice for manufacturing controls today. They can be programmed to do a variety of functions through a sim... [Read More]

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: (888) 360-1673

PLC Networks

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to discuss LAN architecture and topology, communication network access, transmission media, and network protocols.

Discuss LAN architecture as it applies to industrial networks
Discuss the structure and pros and cons of star, common bus, and ring topology
Discuss error detection and how it is accomplished in the various network topologies
Describe the different types of transfer medium and their pros and cons
Describe throughput and its impact on system response
Describe the three common communication protocols
Discuss the common industrial networks and their attributes:


PLC Programming Instructions

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to discuss the three types of programming languages used most commonly in PLCs, and various instruction sets used in programming.

List the two types of ladder logic

Discuss Boolean logic functions
Discuss the use of individual instructions and functional blocks in ladder logic
Describe ladder relay instructions
Describe timer instructions
Describe counter instructions
Describe program/flow instructions
Describe arithmetic instructions
Describe data manipulation instructions
Describe data transfer instructions
Describe special function instructions
Describe network communication instructions

Business Industrial Network

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 1-573-547-5630

Allen Bradley PLC

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Business Industrial Network provides on site, customized Program Logic Controller (PLC training), for your maintenance and engineering staff. This is yet another way we are responding to our customers needs. Our survey of over 300 companies and corporations reveals two well known facts.

1. The most unplanned downtime occurs during the off shifts.

2. Most companies only have PLC capable technicians available during the day shift.

Our studies on the true cost of production downtime prove that plc training of off shift employees yields a great return on your investment (ROI). We have also found those who have had plc training previously, greatly benefit from our customized training. Maintenance technicians give two good reasons for receiving additional training from Business Industrial Network.

Delaware Technical & Community College Stanton/Wilmington Campus

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: (302) 283-3100

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) (Certificate)

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring

This course provides hands-on instruction on how PLC?s work, how they are programmed, and how to edit programs. Students will be able to understand the basic building block of an industrial PLC as well as run and troubleshoot computer generated ladder logic industrial processes.

Orion Technical Solutions, LLC.

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: (800) 642-8851

Basic PLC

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

This training course introduces students with little or no background to PLC systems. Students will learn to read and understand basic ladder logic, be aware of potential problems and hazards, learn to perform common procedures such as editing programs, forcing, clearing faults. The students will also learn how to connect to PLC systems and how to effectively, logically troubleshoot PLC system problems using RSLogix 500 software.
This training course is also designed to provide a solid conceptual knowledge base for future learning.

This course covers the how’s and why’s of PLC systems that the reference materials and vendor sponsored courses usually don’t cover.

Typical Course Topics (partial listing of topic areas, not in sequence):

Hard wired relays and evolution of PLC’s
Ladder Logic basics
RSLogix 500 basics
Program documentation
Combination logic programs
Batch & sequential logic programs
P... [Read More]

IDC Technologies United States

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 1800 324 4244

Industrial Network Security for SCADA, Automation, Process Control and PLC Systems Workshop

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

This workshop will give you a fundamental understanding of security in industrial networking and data communications technology.

It will also present you with the key issues associated with security in industrial communications networks and will assist managers, system operators and industrial data communications specialists setting up secure systems.

One completion of the workshop you will have developed a practical insight into how to achieve optimum industrial network security for your organisation.

Topics covered include: Introduction and terminology; firewalls; authentication, authorisation and anonymity; remote access to corporate networks; cryptography; VPN’s; data security; desktop and network security; security precautions in a connected world; and internet security.

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

Apply the fundamental concepts of industrial network security to your SCADA and automation systems
Conduc... [Read More]

Continuing Education at George Brown College

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 1-800-265-2002

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Technician (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Industrial automation is providing jobs for technically trained people who can build, program, integrate, service, maintain and operate PLCs. Acquire the technical skills and knowledge needed to work with electrical control systems typically found in an industrial environment, design ladder logic programs and perform tests. Simulate the operation of real-world components, including motors, solenoid valves and a wide variety of other discrete and analog input/output devices. This certificate program meets the needs of both employers who require a highly skilled technical workforce and students who require cost-effective, high-quality, fully accredited technical training.

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