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UNC Charlotte Continuing Education

Campus/Training Center: On-site
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Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

This course will focus upon a discussion and review of the primary financial statements. In addition, emphasis will be placed upon how to calculate and interpret financial ratios and, how to use all relevant financial statement information in the firm’s day-to-day financial decisions. There will be a brief case study used to focus the discussion and to place the seemingly ‘theoretical?points in a practical context.
Key Topics
?Review and discussion of financial statements.
?Calculation , definition and, calculation of financial ratios
?Discussion of sources of financial ratio data
?‘Benchmarking?and its meaning and uses
?Discussion of ‘EVA?(trademark), its meaning, uses and relationship to other measures of value creation
What You Will Learn
?“Conversational?ease with financial statement data and the accompanying terminology
?Knowledge of the interrelationship among the financial statements
?The role of ‘benchmarki... [Read More]


Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

This course concentrates on the everyday challenges of HR professionals who are increasingly looked to/for ethics leadership within their organizations. Understanding that the right action is often context-specific, the course will apply general ethical principles (diversity sensitivity and dialogue for example) to realistic situations and problems. Broadly conceived ethical guidelines are often difficult to follow (how do I &,quot,respect the uniqueness and intrinsic worth of individuals&,quot, or &,quot,encourage fairness&,quot, for example?). Practical answers will be offered through a focus on decision-making designed to help HR professionals with developing, implementing, and practicing ethical codes and principles in interpersonal and organizational contexts.
Key Topics
?Active listening
?Writing ethics codes/guidelines
?Ethics and communication
What You Will Learn
?Interpersonal ethics skill... [Read More]


Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

You make dozens of decisions each day and some of these decisions are more important than others. This interactive course is designed to help build and expand your decision-making, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills. The course will give you high powered thinking and decision-making tools to assess and resolve problems and make complex decisions. You will leave ready to apply what you have learned to your work and personal life.
Key Topics
?Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, creativity and strategic thinking
?Six basic decision making styles
?Why people do not or cannot make decisions
?The critical keys to effective decision making
?Effective decision-making processes
?Creating new ways to ask questions
?Critical thinking and the business of thinking
?Application of problem-solving techniques
?The relationship between personal style and decision making/problem solving
What Yo... [Read More]


Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Discovering and making the most of our strengths, creating a common language for dealing with issues and challenges, and appreciating differences all contribute to being effective in today’s workplace. Individual differences are defined in terms of personality. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), this course provides insights and strategies for working with others while building more harmonious and positive workplace relationships.
You will be asked to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. Your test results will be compiled and discussed with you in course. The goal of knowing about personality type is to understand and appreciate differences between people. As all types are equal, there is no best type. Your MBTI results will give you helpful feedback about yourself and how you are different from others.
This insight will help you understand the factors that impact your personality and that influence your decisions, how you interact with others, how ... [Read More]


Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 518-966-2560

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Our Problem Solving and Decision Making seminar will increase an individual’s ability to:

ü Analyze the situation, process the available information and turn the data into an action plan

ü Create new options or directions when not a subject expert or when run out of ideas

ü Learn a surefire approach to decision making that overcomes analysis paralysis, lets you explain to others why the current path was selected and gets decision implemented

ü Develop self confidence

What you will cover:
An Evolving World ?Thinking and Acting to Help Create the Evolution

Holistic Thinking in a Rapidly Changing, Team Based World
A Basic Model of Decision Making that Focuses Your Thoughts and Allows You To Explain Exactly What You Are Doing and Why
A Dynamic Model of Problem Solving and Decision Making

How Our Mind Works and How We Can Improve the Way We use It

... [Read More]


Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 1-800-467-4462

Data Driven Decision Making for Marketers Workshop

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

This course will give marketers the skills and knowledge needed to more effectively approach complex data collection and analysis from multiple channels and sources, and to make decisions on budget spend founded on demonstrable facts rather than gut instinct. Participants will learn how to use advanced statistical analysis techniques to help give a more holistic picture of the market, channels and product. Then by applying modeling methods participants will discover a structured way to develop more profitable marketing strategies that are aligned to the customer and have a calculated level of risk.

Unlike other general statistical or marketing analysis courses, the focus of the course will be specifically on a quantitative analysis of how the 4 Ps (Price, Place, Product and Promotions) can impact market share, gross margins and marketing ROI through more fact-based decision making. By the end of the 1 day workshop, participants will learn how to apply ... [Read More]

Advanced Network Information, Inc.

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 800.998.5411

Financial Analysis for Decision Makers Workshop

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Financial Analysis for Decision Makers is aimed at individuals throughout the organization who want to learn financial analysis techniques that will help them identify, shape, and/or make better business decisions. Concepts to be covered include: incremental analysis, time value of money, cost of capital, return on investment, use of milestones, decision tree analysis, product/service line profitability, and activity-based cost management. The class is an intensive one-day learning experience, achieved through a mix of lecture, discussion, group exercises and individual exercises.

Learning Objectives

As a result of successful completion of this one-day workshop participants are expected to:
•Employ financial analysis techniques that will guide them to better decision making.
•Assess the revenue and cost implications of business decisions, on an incremental basis.
•Understand how &,quot,time value of money&,quot, and &,quot,co... [Read More]


Campus/Training Center: On-site
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Problem Solving & Decision Making

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Finding the solution to difficult problems and important decisions may come naturally to some but not to most. You can’t rely on gut instinct or a best guess and hope for a positive outcome. A fear of failure or a tendency to procrastinate may be holding you back. The power to find creative solutions lies in an ability to find facts, tap into the knowledge of others and put together ideas in ways that work.

Anyone can learn the steps required and with a little practice become an expert at developing innovative outcomes! This program aims to teach both the formal process and provide hands-on application to give participants the confidence to judge when a decision is needed and what the best course of action will be.

Wintrac Inc.

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 503-259-0312

Dynamic Decision Making (Certificate) (Diploma) (Master Degree)

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Using a case study approach, this course offers straightforward, easy-to-follow process designed to improve the way you make business decisions or any decision that can help you reach your goal. Our decisions and choices shape our professional and personal lives. Sadly, decision-making is seldom taught as a skill in its own right. This course will present a clear process and user-friendly techniques for making smart choices.

Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop (Certificate) (Diploma) (Master Degree)

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Success in today’s rapidly changing and competitive environment depends upon being able to sort and analyze information, rapidly assess a situation, and come up with correct and timely solutions and decisions. However, today’s professionals are often overwhelmed by a mass of information from many sources. This workshop explains how to distinguish between important and less important inputs and how to apply effective techniques to the processes of problem solving and decision making. The workshop also includes exercises for establishing and reinforcing these techniques.

Beacon Training Services

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: (972) 404-0069

Strategic Thinking and Decision Making for Non-Managers

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

In this course you will study the concept of strategic thinking and how it contributes to shaping a vision of corporate and personal success. Through class discussion and activities, participants will move toward being a provider of proactive solutions versus being a reactive order taker. You will learn and practice a 5 Stage Model for Strategic Thinking and Decision Making and apply the model to real-life challenges.

Strategic Thinking and Decision Making for Managers

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Managers are constantly presented with the challenge of building their organization toward higher levels of quality and performance. Each business unit or department within their area of responsibility must make a visible and fiscally sound contribution to increasing organizational excellence. Participants attending this dynamic seminar learn critical skills proven effective for defining strategic vision and turning that strategic vision into operating reality.

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