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Colorado State University OnlinePlus

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: (877) 491-4336

Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

One of the biggest challenges we face in today’s global economy is the alleviation and ultimate elimination, of poverty. Unemployment, lack of economic opportunities and the inability to provide for one’s needs and those of one’s family, lead to destructive consequences at the individual level and can lead to crime and armed conflict at the social level.

While the latest development theory recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship and microenterprise generation in combating poverty, providing employment and increasing income, in order to address poverty at the grass-roots level, we need to explore the intersection of traditional business concepts with social venturing. This course aims to provide an understanding of social entrepreneurship that will help us put theory into practice in a meaningful way.

This course will examine entrepreneurship and enterprise generation as a key foundation of the development of both economic and social capital, as wel... [Read More]

Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Introductory exposure to entrepreneurship for agribusinesses through presentations by industry professionals.

Global Social Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Global challenges--poverty, environmental degradation, public health, agriculture. Role of entrepreneurial management in private and public sector.

The New School

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 212.229.5600

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Students aspiring to become entrepreneurs in
the fashion industry examine the skills needed
to conceive, finance, open, and operate a successful
fashion business. Through collaborative
research and hands-on practice, students
learn the elements of opening a business and
navigating the complexities of working with a
team. Students learn to create business models
and structure legal business organizations, and
they explore the details of financing and insurance.

North Park University

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: (800) 888-6728


Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

This course focuses on the initiation of new business ventures as contrasted with the management of ongoing enterprises. The course applies concepts and techniques covered in various functional areas to the new venture development environment. Issues that are addressed include how to identify and define the fundamental issues relevant to new ventures, how to prepare a cohesive, concise, and effective business development plan for a new venture, how to identify the venture&,#146,s market niche and define its business strategy, how to determine the best time to launch a venture, how much and what type of financing should be raised, and how to evaluate the viability of the venture. Entrepreneurial operations within the legal and social environment are described. Discussion of the value choices faced by the entrepreneur is included.

Temple University

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 215-204-7000


Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Boost your chances of success for your new or small business and reduce your risks. Get the latest on planning your business, brainstorming business ideas and a checklist for going into business. Then learn how to create a business plan, including assessing business feasibility and prepare the management and financial plans. Then take home a step by step approach to attract and keep customers, with an emphasis on customer-driven marketing decisions and building a strong brand. At the end of this certificate, you will be able to identify the abilities required of successful entrepreneurs and how to acquire them, develop goals to help establish your business, develop an outline for your plan, and take home techniques to successfully manage and market your new business. This certificate consists of three, one-month courses: Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, The Business Plan, and Entrepreneurial Marketing. Courses may also be taken individually. No discounts apply to online courses.

Ottawa University

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 1.855.392.0002


Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Are you interested in starting your own business? Do you have a unique idea that could benefit others? This online entrepreneurship and accounting program will prepare you to tackle new business ventures with a strong financial plan.

While earning your accounting with entrepreneurship degree, you’ll learn how to communicate with internal and external stakeholders and develop your skills in problem solving, decision making, systems analysis, and planning within financial, economic, managerial and technological contexts. You’ll also gain a foundation in economics and business ethics.

As an online student at Ottawa University, you will collaborate with and draw upon the expertise and support of faculty members and who are dedicated to your success.

Accounting Careers and Job Outlook
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects accounting career opportunities to increase by 16% from 2010 through 2020. The growth of acc... [Read More]

Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Campus

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 602-496-INFO

Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Degree Awarded: CERT Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development (certificate)

The online social entrepreneurship and community development graduate certificate, offered through the School of Community Resources and Development, provides a framework for harnessing entrepreneurial and enterprise opportunities, creating transformative responses to challenges prevalent in societies and communities. This transdisciplinary program combines social entrepreneurship with innovative community development, providing a basis for exploring capacity-building and fostering positive change for organizations, corporations, societies and economies. The certificate complements well the Master of Nonprofit Studies program for students interested in pursuing their degree and social entrepreneurship certificate. Consisting of 15 credit hours of graduate credit course work, the certificate is designed for students studying nonprofit leadership and management, social entrepreneurs... [Read More]

Rio Salado College

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 480-517-8000

New Venture Creation

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Process of starting a new venture including evaluating specific business opportunities identifying financing alternatives, and defining start-up issues. Prerequisites: None.

Food Entrepreneurship

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Overview of the process for starting a small food business. Covers stages for introducing a variety of food products into the market, food safety, and sanitation requirements. Includes business and marketing strategies, processing, labeling, and distribution requirements for different food product types such as dairy, meat, poultry, and fish. Also covers available resources for small food business support. Prerequisites: None.

Small Business Start-Up (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Small Business Start-Up is designed to meet the needs of individuals who wish to become entrepreneurs. It is a flexible program that consists of 1, 2, and 3 credit courses that can be offered in a variety of formats (online, on ground, flex express, accelerated) to support the schedules of prospective small business owners. Courses provide a background in marketing, management, finance, and a capstone course in which students complete a business plan. The goal of the Small Business Start-Up certificate is to create a foundation for prospective small business owners and contribute to the long-term success of the business community.

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