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Community College of Aurora

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 303-360-4700, 303-340-7093

Technical Rescue (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

1. Degree Policies and Procedures are in the Catalog online .
2. The Public Service program is designed for working professionals and other students whose objectives are to obtain an A.A.S. degree or certificate in pursuit of upgrading employment in the area of emergency services. Students intending to transfer to a Baccalaureate program should consult the programs department chair for advising.
3. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program is designed for students seeking careers in emergency medicine. This program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to function within the Emergency Medical Services system. All programs meet or exceed the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment requirements for certification eligibility.
4. A certificate of completion for the EMS/Paramedicine, Fire Science Technology, and Fire Service Management programs requires only the completion of the core EMS and/or FST coursework under each respective degre... [Read More]

Parks and Recreation Management, Northern Arizona University

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: (928) 523-6655

Technical Rescue

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

The Technical Rescue course will provide the student with basic introduction to technical rope rescue in a low to high angle environment. Students will be instructed in rescue operations, incident management, safety factors & forces, rescue grammar & physics, systems analysis, and the use of rescue equipment, i.e. static ropes, webbing, carabineers, pulleys, rappel racks, ascenders, helmets and harnesses.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

This class combines the Introduction to Search and Rescue and the Fundamentals of Search and Rescue Course to provide the student with the knowledge to challenge the SARTECH II Certification, according the knowledge objectives defined in the NASAR Standards for SARTECH II and receive a national certification. Information covered includes: general responsibilities, skills, abilities, and the equipment needed by persons who would be participating in a search and rescue mission.

Electrical Industry Training Institute

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 1.877.859.8228


Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring

This program is designed for operators of mobile
equipment with aerial lifts.
�4 hours
�Class Size: maximum 12
�Explanation of basic hydraulic components
�Basic operating principals for boom equipment
�Operation of client equipment

Comtrain Texas, LLC

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 512 275-6600

Advanced Tower Safety & Rescue (Certificate)

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Advanced Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue (Competent Climber) is an intensive 3 day course that provides a "CTC" certification designed for the crew leader, project manager or advanced climber. Many contractors are requiring their sub-contractors to have Competent Climbers on the job. This course teaches more advanced rescue techniques, self-rescue and rope access skills, rescue planning and response as well as victim evaluation and advanced first aid during rescue/suspension. Advanced Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue Training meets all current tower safety training standards except the NATE "Competent Rescuer" standard which could cause problems if applied as written.

*This course has a pre-requisite of a documented six months of direct field experience working on related job sites and climbing. The employer must declare the student "competent" to take the Advanced class. The employer must document this with a "Letter of Competency&qu... [Read More]

Tower Safety & Rescue

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

Basic Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue (Authorized Climber/Rescuer)is an intensive 2-day program and is constructed to meet employer requirements & recommended ANSI standards and OSHA regulations as related to work at wireless communications sites. Some specific areas addressed include site hazard assessment/inspection, mandated safety meetings, fall protection (PFAS and fall restraint techniques), fixed ladder usage, PPE and OPE and emergency contingency planning (including rescue techniques).

Registered 2-day students who pass all tests & tasks will receive certification at the end of their course.

When registering, candidates may elect to go on to a 3rd day of training for Advanced "Competent Climber" Certification. In order to become Advanced certifed, all tests & tasks over 3 days must be successfully completed and Advanced "Competent Climber" prerequisite must be met. If you cannot take all 3 days in the same week, you can take a 1-day ... [Read More]

Education Through Adventure, LLC.

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: (845)928-1483

Professional Rescuer CPR (Certificate)

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring

This course is designed for EMS, healthcare providers, athletic trainers,
and emergency response teams. The program content includes breathing
and cardiac emergencies for adults, children and infants and two rescuer
CPR with use of mask including bag valve.

University of Calgary Outdoor Centre

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 403-220-5038

Advanced Companion Rescue

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring

Focus on companion rescue in avalanche terrain. This is an in depth look at the latest in beacon technology, search techniques for single, deep, serial single, and multiple burial scenarios. You will also practice digging techniques, rescue organization, and searching for a person without a signal.

Electrical Industry Training Institute

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 1.866.590.8911

Underground Electrical Spaces Entry & Rescue Procedures (Certificate)

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

The course has two parts. The morning session provides theories and concepts for testing for gases, ventilation, personal protective equipment, lifelines, standby persons, and policy/procedure requirements. The afternoon session provides hands-on learning in rescue procedures.

The Worker’s Compensation Board (Ref. WCB Reg. 9.5) requires all employers to have a “Confined Space Entry Program�that also includes “Rescue Procedures�

Target Audience

This course is specifically designed for employees who must enter and/or work in underground spaces where there is electrical utility equipment.

AMS Inc - Work & Rescue

Campus/Training Center: On-site
Phone No.: 905-631-1914

Tower Crane Rescue workshop

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

This is a free workshop where we will be looking into the difficulties of carryout a rescue from a Tower Crane.

Prerequsites for this training day are,

�First Aid
�Rope Rescue Awareness
�Rope Rescue Level I

The morning will be spent going over the basics of equipment required for structural rope rescue, accessing the crane, lock out tag out procedures, taking the crane in and out of weathervane and how to manuever on the crane.
Once everyone is comfortable with the crane we will go over a simple rescue involving the removal of a Crane operator from the cab using a Track line off set.

We will be utilizing an operational Tower Crane for this workshop.

All equipment is supplied although you can use your own harness and helmet if you have current equipment logs and upon inspection by the lead Instructor, all hardware and software is supplied.

For registration details, directions and parking information or any questions, ple... [Read More]

Cliff Rescue workshop

Course Format: On-Site/In-House/Private Tutoring  V

AMS Inc is running another of our popular free workshops, this time we will be covering the difficulties of manoeuvring a litter over an edge utilizing the latest in artificial high directional’,s (PMI TerrAdaptor & Arizona Vortex) and also going over the more difficult technique of getting the litter over the edge without the advantage of a high directional. We will go over how to limit the exposure to rescuers by carrying out a technique that requires nobody over the edge instead of the common practice of having multiple rescuers in the danger zone. This technique is great for Cliff Rescue but can be used anywhere that you do not have a high point to rig from. This is a full day on Ropes for skilled Operators that are interested in furthering their knowledge and skill set, we will also be utilizing the new CMC Rescue MPD!
For further details please contact Brent, see you on the ropes!

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