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UNLV Online Education

Campus/Training Center: Online
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Hospitality Administration (Master Degree)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

The Master&,#146,s of Hospitality Administration (MHA) degree program is an exciting, self-paced, online degree opportunity for professionals in the hospitality industry. Each course will lend power to your everyday activities as you employ new ideas and draw on time-honored theories. When you complete your professional paper �the culmination of your learning experience �you will take the learning opportunities right into your office as you focus on a challenging issue facing your company.

This program was designed with the busy professional in mind. Offered totally online, this program allows one to live anywhere in the world, work, and travel and still receive a master’s degree from an accredited, internationally renowned university.

Program Structure

Classes run continuously throughout the year in five eight-week sessions, and you can being the program at any time. This 30-credit program is composed of ten, three-credit courses:
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Southeast Community College

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 800-642-4075

Food Purchasing

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Study of the principles of purchasing and quantity purchasing of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereal products, fish, poultry, meat, convenience foods, beverages. Pricing of all food products and recipes.

Food Service/Hospitality

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

SCC&,#146,s Food Service/Hospitality program is 113 quarter credit hours and the average student completes it in 8 quarters. Students may also attend part-time. The majority of classes are offered in the daytime, and students are employed in the evenings and weekends in the food service industry. Many students in the program choose to complete more than one focus, which is fairly easily accomplished and gives them a better background and enhanced marketability. Students gain hands-on practical experience by preparing and serving luncheons and dinners in the restaurant located on the Lincoln Campus. Graduates from the Food Service Management focus may receive their diploma from the National Restaurant Association Hospitality Education Foundation if they have completed all the designated NRA course finals with a minimum 75 percent, have completed all the designated NRA diploma classes and have accompanied work experience.

â—¦Culinary Arts focus: ... [Read More]

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 1.888.557.4222

Hospitality & Restaurant Management

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality &, Restaurant Management online culinary degrees offer specialized training in the business aspects of hospitality and restaurant management and is delivered 100% online. This program focuses on providing students with the opportunity to gain hospitality industry training and broad knowledge of the business side of hospitality and restaurant management. Both theoretical and practical management approaches are taught, along with wine studies, hospitality business law, food and beverage management, supervision and customer service. In addition to the many aspects of managing a restaurant facility, the culinary schools online program includes general education components that can provide graduates with well-rounded skills to pursue career opportunities in the hospitality and food services industry that they love.

The Hospitality &, Restaurant Management degree program is designed for:
Those just starting out, who want to gain fr... [Read More]


Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 800.288.3987

Hotels and Lodging

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar

Earn great commissions by booking your clients�hotel accommodations. Learn the basics of the hotel product, rate structure, property and room classifications, codes, published and automated resources and non-automated reservations procedures. Identify your guests�preferences, learn the variables that affect prices, select the right hotel for any given client.

Chemeketa Community College

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 503.399.5000

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Chemeketa’s Hospitality & Tourism Management Program prepares you for the career that fits the lifestyle of your dreams. From online courses that fit into your lifestyle today, to career opportunities that build the lifestyle you want tomorrow. The only limit is your imagination -
â– Live and work overseas
â–?Own and manage a night club
â–?Plan the events that celebrate people’s lives
â–?Cruise Director on the high seas
â–?Executive at a tropical resort

Hospitality and tourism businesses operate around the world, year around. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) Program courses are delivered entirely online.

DeVry University Online

Campus/Training Center: Online
Phone No.: 800-231-0497

Hospitality Management

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Launch your business career in the exciting field of hospitality management or tourism. Business travel and renewed interest in domestic and foreign tourism is increasing the demand for hospitality managers in hotels, event spaces, and food service companies. Earn your business degree with a specialization in Hospitality Management, and you’ll be prepared to oversee the everyday operations of resorts, gaming venues, and banquet facilities, or manage specialty event-planning departments of schools, healthcare technology organizations, and businesses.

When you specialize your business degree in Hospitality Management, your coursework may include these career-enhancing courses:
•Foundations of Hotel Management �This course examines the lodging industry �from its traditional roots to contemporary structures �and addresses management, economics, and measurement of hotel operations, including reservation systems, staffing, security, and maintenance.
•Meetings ... [Read More]


Campus/Training Center: Online
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Hospitality Management (Certificate) (Master Degree)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Hospitality managers are usually involved in every aspect of their operation, which demands a good deal of multi-tasking. Doing the job requires a firm grasp of marketing and finance fundamentals; the ability to manage labor and economic challenges; the know-how to design and execute competitive strategies; to coach, provide counsel and manage stress among staff. As a manager, these qualities are essential, and this is the certificate program to help you develop them.

Learn from the professionals at one of the world’s most prestigious hospitality schools, the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. Take on best practices for the hospitality industry and develop the authority to manage a world-class operation.

This certificate explores the various functions of management and encourages a customer-focused approach to hospitality. Learn to accurately interpret and utilize financial statements, and prepare reports for corporate constituents and execs.<... [Read More]

Hospitality Revenue Management (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Expand your revenue pipeline and drive company profits by taking a higher-level strategic approach to pricing, reservations, and inventory control. Create and manage customer demand, establish a marketing strategy that’s built around rigorous control systems and gain a clear yield advantage in your market over the competition, all resulting in increased sales and profitability.

This 5-course certificate program will build on the fundamental principles of revenue analysis and management and provide students with the advanced tools and techniques that guide strategic pricing decisions, set inventory controls, and encourage demand manipulation in a way that not only drives profits, but improves overall organizational performance.

This online certificate program was developed with Dr. Chris Anderson, revenue management expert and faculty member at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. The topics of revenue management and service pricing are the primar... [Read More]

Strategic Leadership for the Hospitality Professional (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

The rapidly changing hospitality industry and the sophistication of travelers require more nimble, well-executed business strategies. Hospitality leaders who can perform strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation are most likely to enjoy long-term career success by winning over customers and delighting investors.

The six-course certificate series in Strategic Leadership teaches how to properly evaluate the competitive environment, formulate and assess strategic alternatives, and successfully execute a strategy. Participants will review industry-specific case studies and adopt proven methods to bring about positive change through leadership.

Hospitality Marketing (Certificate)

Course Format: Online/Virtual Classroom/Webinar  V

Marketing is about attracting and holding the attention of potential customers. This requires a series of sustained and coordinated efforts, and most certainly requires a formal plan. Any successful marketing plan is built around the answers to these three key questions:

Who are our ideal customers?

How do we attract and hold their attention?

Is our value proposition appealing enough for them to become paying customers?

With those questions in mind, build a strategic marketing plan that best reflects your company’s goals and objectives. First, gather and analyze data to identify opportunities and potential customers. Then design and create a series of campaigns that will create brand recognition and appeal to your target market, ultimately motivating them to become paying customers.

The Certificate in Hospitality Marketing from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration is designed to develop the background and skills ne... [Read More]

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